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Atom Holdings (In Official Liquidation)

Notice from Joint Official Liquidators

On 8 March 2023, pursuant to an Order of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (“the Court”), it was ordered that Angela Barkhouse and George Kimberley Leck of Quantuma (Cayman) Ltd. be appointed joint provisional liquidators ("JPLs") of Atom Holdings (In Official Liquidation) (“the Company”). Subsequently, on 11 July 2023, the Court ordered that the JPLs be appointed as Joint Official Liquidators of the Company (“the JOLs”).

The JOLs have appointed themselves or their affiliates as the directors or interim judicial manager (“IJM”) of the Company’s subsidiary companies in Singapore, Seychelles, and Malta. Luke Anthony Furler of Quantuma (Singapore) Pte Limited acts as the IJM of the Company’s Singapore subsidiaries AAX Asia Private Limited and AAX Singapore Private Limited.

The JOLs and IJM have engaged Kroll Issuer Services Limited as their claims agent which is managing creditor proof of debt claims on their behalf. AAX.com users with outstanding balances can register their claim as a creditor by completing the online form available in the “Claims” section of the website here.

AAX.com users who have registered their claim in this way will receive updates from the JOLs and IJM as and when the JOLs and IJM are in a position to do so.